My second pocket-sized game, this time an epic strategy with a touch of fantasy role playing and a little bit risqy mechanics. Find the dragonrings, gather the army of men, elves and highlanders, seek legendary items and defeat the army of the undead and the foul. This is a beta version of the final game. All the main features are done, it should be possible to win it, but there is still lots of bling and features to add.

To play the game in fullscreen mode, edit the dragonrings.gei file and change "FullScreen = 0" to "FullScreen = 1". To double the window size, change "HardwareScale = 1" to "HardwareScale = 2".

Dragonrings is a mini epic game. It is a light blend of strategy, adventure, role playing and heroism.

Through a crystal globe, you control the heroes and warriors of the land with a single purpose - to raise and gather all forces of good against the evil and ghastly army of the foul invading from the northern realms of the Land. Your chieftains and heroes fight in battles, your bards and heroes quest for allies and legendary items, your wizards cast powerful enchanments from their towers and ringstones... but to stand any chance against the spells of terror and darkness at all, you must first find the ancient treasure - all five of the dragonrings.

User Interface

To control a hero, click on the shield on the map or at the bottom of the screen. After zooming into using your crystal globe, you will be able to control or inspect any escorts or enemy warlords also present on that location, by clicking on the shields on the left (friendly) or right (foe) side of the globe viewscreen.

To see the location, hero details and history, army status or item, click on one of the icons located inside the corners of the description panel. This may also reveal any additional orders the hero may take. Most orders issued will affect the entire escort, but some, like army transfer and scouting, will only affect the specified hero. As long as any hero is performing a task, the entire party is regarded as busy, however any order issued to the leader (travel, quest etc) will cancel any remaining individual tasks.

The scroll icon in the bottom right corner of the panel indicates a rumor / report. Rumors about enemy locations gradually fade out with time.

The time in the game only runs when all the heroes you control are busy. Heroes awaiting your orders emit a blue glow on the map. Also, the shields located at the bottom of the screen will be faded for busy characters. A red glow indicates a battle. To start the battle you must decide whether to charge or retreat (when possible). If the leader takes decision, the escort follows the command. To exclude any escorting heroes from that decision, you should manually select that character and decide for them before deciding for the leader.

The game also pauses whenever an event is reported. Some events, like unsuccesful attacks on your heroes by lurking monsters, do not pause the game and will only be revealed when the hero is inspected.

To see the overall progress in the war, click on the "It is..." line at the bottom of the screen.

Good to Know

The game is lost if all your heroes are dead or captured. Sometimes, all your heroes might be wounded and resting at some lake. When this happens, you will not be able to control any heroes at all, and the game will simply run ahead until any of them becomes available again.

The game is also lost if all of the free cities and citadels in the land have fallen.

The game is won when all nine of the foul warlords are slain, or, after you have found all five of the dragonrings, no cities or citadels in the Land are under control of the foul.

All the heroes questing in the same realm are considered to be taking the quest together. When the quest is over, or in case of a battle, they immediately return to their originating locations.

Questing companies consisting of bards and wizards may only recruit and seek information. Especially bards, while in posession of a mystical instrument, are excellent diplomats.

For a battle to start, there must be opposing armies at the same location. A group of heroes with no army present may never start or be drawn into battle. Any such heroes present or arriving on a battle already started, however, will immediately join to fight alongside.

In a realm that is currently unoccupied, that means, there are no foul armies present, new warriors are being recruited every day. The warriors are recruited into any camps or settlements with army presence matching the realm’s population. Most warriors are recruited in cities and citadels. To increase the numbers even more, eliminate any darkness in the realm through questing and destroying monster lairs.

If a hero is carrying an item that they cannot use, this will be indicated in the hero’s description as "... has with him the ..." instead of "...holds the...", " clad in..." or similar. A hero may pass their item to another hero, as long as the other hero *may* use it.