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A developing prototype of the real time tactical/role playing science fiction game. Inspired by Laser Squad, Incubation, X-Com and Dead Space.


Haunted: The Haunting

A browser-based, experimental multiplayer text RPG. All players belong to an agency that deals with an impeding doom, fighting Lovecraftian monsters, ghost-busting undeadly pests, and more. Playable in any browser for personal computers and on any Android based device.


A remake/clone of the arcade classic Scramble, with an addition of destructible ground installations and random generated levels.

Dark Space

A web based game about aliens and space marines. Build and equip your squad and infiltrate the gargantuan space derelict infested with Xenomorphs. Hacking into the control panels is crucial as it allows you to upgrade your equipment and manipulate the environment to your advantage.

Dark Forest

Another mini game, made in one day. This one is php web-based and shoud be playable in any web browser. Choose your character stats, purchase some equipment, then cross the treacherous Dark Forest to fight the dragon on the other side.

Corona Celestia

A browser based MMORPG simulating Frank Herbert’s Dune-like galactical Empire and feuds between noble families. Space exploration, ground combat, fleets, economy, politics.


My second pocket-sized game, this time an epic strategy with a touch of fantasy role playing and a little bit risqy mechanics. Find the dragonrings, gather the army of men, elves and highlanders, seek legendary items and defeat the army of the undead and the foul. Beta, more bling to add.

Towers of Twilight

A small hack & slash multicharacter rpg (with a twist or two). It’s done in ZX Spectrum retro style, drawing inspiration from games like Valhalla, Lords of Midnight, Bard’s Tale and Master of Magic. The terrain, characters, items and plot are all procedurally generated.

Core Runner

A reactor run game. Drive your inertia ship into the core of the reactor to disable it. Don’t hit the walls, especially hot ones, or else... BOOM...

Cosmos Remake

In this remake of a classical ZX Spectrum game, you control a Death-Star like interstellar base. In order to finish the construction of the base, you will need to raise funds by protecting bypassing convoys from the marauding pirates.

Omar's Oyster Outing

OOO is a tiny, very light-weight top-down action rpg. The game was designed and created over a period of one week, and is all about shooting zombies. And, while the graphics are very minimalistic, there are some neat sound effects and lots of little gameplay features.

Work in progress

Omar's Oyster Outing 3D

This is an expanded version of OOO featuring isometric 3D. So far, the core animation engine, puppet physics, and city generator / renderer are all done and in beta stage. There is still more work to be done, however.

Out of Chaos

In 1998, we started working on Out of Chaos, a kind of ‘integrated remake’ of two Spectrum games, Out of the Shadows, and Chaos. Then the project was put on hold for a number of reasons that are no longer important. Now, we have decided to revive it.

This is just a demo version of the game, and many features still need to be implemented, but it is a start and somewhat pleasing to look at.


Geeny is a collection of game and multimedia related toolkit libraries, coupled up with a scripting language that binds all the low level libraries together into a freeform development environment. Many configurations are possible, however in beta stage, only the configuration based on the portable software renderer is available. Application framework, input, sound and display are accessed via the SDL library.

Guild Members


Imperator, Princeps Senatus, Pontifex Maximus
CEO of sinister systems, head of the official religio and software developer.



Covering all aspects of game development: design, artwork, execution.


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