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Out of Chaos



In 1998, we started working on Out of Chaos, a kind of ‘integrated remake’ of two Spectrum games, Out of the Shadows, and Chaos. Then the project was put on hold for a number of reasons that are no longer important. Now, we have decided to revive it.

This is just a demo version of the game, and many features still need to be implemented, but it is a start and somewhat pleasing to look at. The final idea behind is a rogue like RPG with dungeon exploration, but also duels between wizards. The spells in this game work a little differently. Instead of having individual spells for different monsters or effects, they are grouped into several realms (Daemonica, Necromus, Faeris, Aetherin...) then levels, but the final outcome (the number of monsters cast, power, special attributes) depend on items sacrificed in the process of conjuration. Items, on the other hand, may also be used to arm your characters or some of the monsters. In specific, magic items that may be worn by your character and will improve her statistics or add bonuses, will grant major bonuses to monsters when sacrificed.

The game, as currently planned, will be fully modifiable on the mechanic / story / gameplay level, however the rendering engine will not be available to the scripting.


So far, two wizards, controlled by two different players, may explore the dungeon and smack each other around a little. Monsters may be summoned and moved around, items may be picked up (although sacrificing them will so far have no effect upon the conjured creatures). The creatures may die, even the wizards, but the game does not yet detect that as a game over state.

Copyright notice

Coding was done entirely by Sinister Systems. Dungeon tiles and several other sprites were also created by Sinister Systems.

Many monster and character sprites, however, were created by an unknown artist, and were available for free download at a rogue-like games support site that no longer exists (or else, we can’t find it). If the author recognises his work, or if you have any information regarding him or her, please do contact us.

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