If you get any weird messages when trying to run the Windows version of the game, download the Visual C++ redistributable.

To play the game in full screen mode, edit the ooo.gei file and change "FullScreen = 0" to "FullScreen = 1". In full screen, you may only terminate the game using Alt+F4 shortcut.

There's also an attempt at bringing Omar's Oyster Outing into 3D. The essential mechanics are done but the game is far from being finished. But, you can walk around the city (use 'R' to jump around districts) and shoot the zombies. This game is currently on hold but my intention is to finish it one day. See some images and videos on the right...


OOO is a tiny, very light-weight top-down action rpg. The game was designed and created over a period of one week, and is all about shooting zombies. And, while the graphics are very minimalistic, there are some neat sound effects and lots of little gameplay features.

Omar, who is the main hero of the game, wakes up in the zombie-infested town of Oysterville. Your goal, as a player, is to help Omar survive for as long as possible by exploring the town, looting its (hopefully) deserted buildings for food and seeking shelter over night. At the same time, you have to keep the zombies at bay, using an arsenal of contemporary weapons such as shotguns, thompson machine guns and grenades.

If you want to save Omar, you need to find the last remaining rescue chopper hidden somewhere in Oysterville. Hacking into government computers might clue you in on its whereabouts, but beware, such an intensive task demands from you to sacrifice some of the precious Training Points that Omar has gained by increasing his level of expertise. Also, the info you find may be old news or only half useful.

If your score at the end of the game is greater than 0, you will be prompted for your name or some other short string you prefer, which will then be submitted, along with your score, level, and end of game time, to the on-line high score board. To prevent that, simply close the window without pressing enter. The game sends no other information to the site.


You can move Omar around either using the mouse or the keyboard. Clicking the right mouse button or holding it will set Omar's speed. This way, Omar keeps walking even when the button is released. Alternativelly, cursor keys may be used. Holding shift at the same time will make Omar run. Holding ctrl will make him sneak. The longer Omar runs, the lower his stamina (blue bar on the top) drops and when he runs out of breath, he can only just walk and his aiming won't be top notch either. This can be fixed by increasing his Fitness stat, however.

Omar aims automatically, and he's much worse at it running around than standing still. His current target is indicated by flashing yellow color. The gunsight, which shows the physical range of Omar's weapon, fades out slightly when Omar's aim becomes too unreliable. Unless the player left-clicks another target, Omar always aims for the nearest zombie. Pressing fire (space key) will cause Omar to shoot, or, when the gun is empty, to reload it.

To enter a building, place Omar next to the door and press enter key. If a green, yellow or red dot appears on the door, the building is locked, and Omar may attempt to unlock it. Press enter again to try that. If the lock is too tough to pick, return with a lockpick or train Omar appropriately.

Once inside the building, you can search it. When the building is searched, you may pick up any items found there, or eat if any food reserves are present. To rest, drop items, go to the roof or use training facilities and similar, the building needs to be secured first.

To keep zombies from noticing Omar too soon, stick to the buildings and walk slowly. Sneakers may help too. If too many zombies attack or even hurt Omar, he might panic and start running headlessly around. You can still shoot at the attackers, increasing the odds of Omar's regaining his senses, and do everything else except for controlling his movement. Also, injecting a stimulant will calm Omar down, and even regain some of his health and his full stamina. There are both mental (experience points loss) and physical (increased hunger) side effects, however. Instead of that, you might try improving his Coolness stat instead.

Be alert of the zombie infection. It is a green bar growing inside Omar's red health bar. If they overlap, Omar goes to promptly join the brain-eating population. You can keep the infection down with first aid kits and drugs and similar, but you can only get rid of it using a vaccine. Be very careful, however. Although every other medical substance will reduce the infection to 1 point no matter how far it's progressed, the vaccine only works if the infection is still weak or weakened beforehand.

The light green bar in the title shows Omar's experience. When the title fills up, Omar receives a level of knowledge. All his stats and skills are raised by three points, also he is rewarded with additional 20 training points to distribute at your discretion, training Omar at different training facilities in the town.

Omar also receives a single training point for every new day that he survives. It's a good idea to always keep a few extra training points while exploring, as otherwise actions that require training points to perform, including some quest related actions in unique buildings, will remain hidden.

The rest of the keyboard commands are covered by the help screen which is summoned by pressing F1. For the unique items you might find, you can figure out the correct keyboard shortcut by trying all the initials of the item. If everything else fails, check the ooo.gei file. This file will also let you change some of the controls.

Scoring table

  • Hitting a zombie: 10 points
  • Knocking down a zombie: 100 points
  • Splatting a zombie: 1000 points
  • Surviving a day: 10000 points
  • Uncovering a unique location: 25000 points
  • Escaping with the chopper: 500000 points
  • Nuking the town: 2000000 points


How do I equip or wear items?
You don’t have to. Omar selects his own equipment and attire from his inventory, chosing the better item when more of the same kind are available: swat helmet over biker helmet, swat armor over leather trenchcoat. Sneakers, shades, gun silencers etc are also automatically worn or used.

I wanna be able to carry more grenades and ammunition! -
Improve your strength in the gym.

I wanna be able to run faster and further!
Improve your fitness in the fitness center.

Why do I get tired so quickly running around with my Thompson gun?
Improve your strength. Also, don’t run away from the zombies wearing your best gun.

I shoot but I never hit anything.
You need to sleep and eat sometimes, you can’t aim when your hands are shaking. And as long as your shooting skill is meek, you won’t hit anything when moving too fast.
Also, take notice of the sights. The inner circle shows the maximum power range of the weapon, while the outer circle is half way towards no power at all. So if a zombie is too far, you have nil chances of hitting them.

Why can’t I ever rest in peace?
Improve you security skill.

My dot (me) starts flashing red and running around chaotically
This is a panic attack. You can still do everything else but you can’t control your movement. In general, Omar will try to escape from the zombies but while panicking, his intelligence drops below freezing point. So, in order to solve this problem: shoot zombies, thirst for blood might overcome Omar’s fear, wear cool sunglasses, evade zombies, and watch scary movies at the mall.

I get hacked off by zombies pronto
Wear a trenchcoat, or better still, a swat armor. Wearing both won’t do you any better. Same is with biker helmet and swat helmet. Again, the swat item is better.


  • Gameplay
    • Improve the (non-existing) visibility detection
      • Targetting through walls (bug)
    • Visibility: fog, night-time
    • Grenades: distance depends on strength (explosives?)
    • Scene elements
      • Survivor camps
        • Locating outposts
        • Saving survivors
        • Trading (buying bullets and grenades for things)
        • Every outpost has a unique item to sell: pheromone x, sonic disruptor, ...
      • Random events (?)
      • Generated outpost quests (?)
    • Grenades with keyboard (?)
    • Prohibit player movement while:
      • unlocking doors
      • laying down explosives
      • ... (?)
    • Put tips about gameplay into adventure-like notes to be found in the buildings.
      • Radio (?)
    • Use tps in some buildings to improve your weapons (range/power/accuracy)
      • Add silencer (?)
      • Add laser sights (?)
    • Vehicles (?)
      • Steam roller
    • Space Invaders/Pinball/Asteroids in bars
      • Adds to your Score
    • Treasure & cash (breaking into safes? → lockpicking improves?)
      • Only adds to your score if you escape the town
    • Building/region types:
      • Graveyard
      • Park
    • Perception skill for 'secrets' (?)
    • Alternative exit points (higher/lower score bonus)
      • Secret tunnels
    • Distribute zombies so to make them protect important routes or buildings
  • Items
    • Rocket launcher (guided missile, can fly around the corner, ..)
    • Chainsaw
    • Canned food
    • Laser sights
    • Flamethrower
      • Alternative use for fuel tanks
    • Molotow cocktail
    • Grappling hook
    • Bottle of rum
      • Drink it to go drunk (stat boost, no fear, staggering walk and penalty to shooting accuracy)
      • Empty bottle + fuel makes a molotow cocktail
    • Items to improve securing a building
      • Barbed wire (?)
      • Car alarm (?)
  • Display and FX
    • Blood fx
    • Night and day
    • Sound fx

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