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june 2012
Haunted, multiplayer RPG is online. You can download Android version here. PC version following soon! Any questions? Visit forum.

may 2012
Corona Celestia is back online.

november 2010
The browser-based space mmorpg is now officially named Corona Celestia. You can use the same link as before to register and play. Enjoy!

There is also a gallery of planetary landscapes slowly filling up as the galaxy gets explored. Refresh to get a new random set.

october 2010
Empire alpha is ready for testing. Register and play!

september 2010
Dragonrings beta is out. Try it out!

february 2009
Ported the geeny engine and the four games (Towers of Twilight, Omar's Oyster Outing, Core Runner & Cosmos Remake) to LINUX.
All the downloads can be found on wiki pages.

january 2009
New version downloads for Omar's Oyster Outing (bug fixes) and Cosmos (added save & load feature).
Details about the changes may be found posted to the forum.

april 2008
Movies page added to Sinister Wiki.

march 2008
Omar's Orthogonal Oyster Outing prototype / proof of concept released.

january 2008
Core Runner released. Drive your inertia ship into the core of the reactor to disable it.

december 2007
Cosmos Remake, the classical ZX Spectrum game remake is now in beta stage. Available for download and play testing.

july 2007
Out of Chaos, 9 years old demo finally released. This is 'yet another' Chaos remake to-be. More to come!

april 2007
Omar's Oyster Outing first alpha demo is released. This is a simple zombie-shooting action rpg that was developed over a period of one week. The Hall of Fame may be found here.

february 2007
Mistmare site has been recovered. But not forum.

december 2006
Project geeny has been updated. You can watch the progress at sinisterwiki and sourceforge.

november 2005
Mistmare forum is now off completely, removed, dead link, deleted, adieu, ciao, ajt bre, zdravo!

october 2005
Mistmare forum is back off-line for some time now. Some pages (most of them) of the Mistmare site are down, too. We can not tell you when that stuff will be working again because of the mysterious nature of the reason(s) for its being in this somehow non-opreative state...

june 2004
Mistmare forum is back on-line.

march 2004
we have released Mistmare developer's kit. Now you can make your own scenarios, characters, items, etc. in Mistmare. Check the guide and some online help to the database objects...

may 2003
computer role playing game Mistmare has been released! Check the official site for more info and forum. Check files section for patches!

february 2002
sinister systems are busy developing Mistmare, a next-gen FRP game with a huge universe, immersive storyline, and beautiful visuals. Mistmare will be published Q4 2002 by Arxel Tribe. We help maintain Mistmare's developers' site with all the news regarding the game. Check it out!

september 2000
sinister systems have won the game script contest, sponsored by Arxel Tribe, a game producer/publisher in Slovenia. Our winning script for an action/FRP game has been chosen as the best of 34 competing entries, once again confirming our ability to stand out as a creative force in the field of game design.
updated: June 2012

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