The ancient forces of darkness and evil are rising, yet again to overcome our world and rule it for all the eternities. So far, the monsters and phantasms had been lurking in shadows and basements, but soon, the tide will overflow. You are one of the few who posess the knowledge and awareness, while the majority is still being kept in the dark. As an agent of the Society your task is to protect the general population from evil for as long as that is still possible, holding the monsters at bay while collecting evidence and intelligence, and solving the mysteries that veil the coming of the Elder Gods.

Welcome to Haunted, a massive multiplayer online lovecraftian ghostbusting game of horror!

Huge worldwide location base based on Google Places API. Cooperative multiplayer combat. Geolocation (GPS or network) powered. Otherwise classic RPG :)

beta update:

Players now receive xp reward for combat assistance. Also, the latest assists log may be viewed with "Show assists" button.

Mystery cases, superbosses, haunt percentage and the number of agents present on a location are now displayed on the map.

The nearest mystery cases are now listed as AGENCY RADIO when in map mode. You may also click on them to zoom the map on the location.

The fog may now only be encountered in the deepest level of the dungeons that has been discovered so far on the location.

Skill checks and other kinds of random events are now tougher and more rewarding in lower levels of the location.

Ectotraps may be used to trap a (single) phantasm and handcuffs may be used to arrest a (single) mortal enemy. If more in a group, you may only attempt that after reducing the number to one. Arresting a mortal now renders you a written or recorded confession and 1 or 5 (rare) glory points. 5 glory points for trapping a phantasm, 15 for trapping a rare phantasm (actual numbers subject to change in the future). Trapped phantasms and confessions also gain more mystery points when analyzed.

Arresting/trapping is done in the following way. Use the ectotrap or handcuffs respectfully to trap a phantasm or arrest a ghost, while in combat. You may only attempt that when no more than one enemy is still standing. Also, using an ectotrap or the handcuffs will imediately eliminate them from your inventory. Until the end of that combat, your attack will be less efficient, but if you defeat the enemy, it will be trapped or arrested. However, the final value (in terms of mystery points upon analysis, or any other effect they may have) of the confession or the trapped phantasm will depend on how many health points it has left the moment when the trap/handcuffs are first used.

A powerful trapped phantasm or superboss remains may now gain you a permanent extra skill point instead of mystery points when analyzing them. The chance is slim but increases with more

Instead of mystery points reward, certain kinds of evidence (rings, daggers...) may turn out to be rare items upon analysis. This will also depend on relevant player skills, like investigation, occult or science.

"Analyze all" converts all your evidence into mystery points in a single analysis sweep. If any of the evidence turns out as some other kind of reward (item, skill point etc) the sweep analysis is halted at that point, so no more than one such event will be reported at the same time.

New kinds of mysteries, such as celestial, weather and paranormal sighting events.

More ways to combine mysteries, new kinds of combined cases (conspiracies, infestations...).

Superboss banishings, arresting rare mortal enemies and trapping rare phantasms are now reported in the news.