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How do I equip or wear items?

You don’t have to. Omar selects his own equipment and attire from his inventory, chosing the better item when more of the same kind are available: swat helmet over biker helmet, swat armor over leather trenchcoat. Sneakers, shades, gun silencers etc are also automatically worn or used.

I wanna be able to carry more grenades and ammunition!

Improve your strength in the gym.

I wanna be able to run faster and further!

Improve your fitness in the fitness center.

Why do I get tired so quickly running around with my Thompson gun?

Improve your strength. Also, don’t run away from the zombies wearing your best gun.

I shoot but I never hit anything.

You need to sleep and eat sometimes, you can’t aim when your hands are shaking. And as long as your shooting skill is meek, you won’t hit anything when moving too fast.

Also, take notice of the sights. The inner circle shows the maximum power range of the weapon, while the outer circle is half way towards no power at all. So if a zombie is too far, you have nil chances of hitting them.

Why can’t I ever rest in peace?

Improve you security skill.

My dot (me) starts flashing red and running around chaotically

This is a panic attack. You can still do everything else but you can’t control your movement. In general, Omar will try to escape from the zombies but while panicking, his intelligence drops below freezing point. So, in order to solve this problem: shoot zombies, thirst for blood might overcome Omar’s fear, wear cool sunglasses, evade zombies, and watch scary movies at the mall.

I get hacked off by zombies pronto

Wear a trenchcoat, or better still, a swat armor. Wearing both won’t do you any better. Same is with biker helmet and swat helmet. Again, the swat item is better.

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