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INTEGER eval(ATOM eval_name, ATOMS eval_params)

Create a new runtime eval with given eval and param names.


INTEGER efind(ATOM eval_name, INTEGER name_index = 1)

Find a specific runtime eval


ATOM ecompile(INTEGER eval_index, ARRAY src_code)

Compile a runtime eval from generated source. The source ARRAY may contain items of any time, however REFERENCE and REFERENCES are internally converted to ATOM or ATOMS.


emerge(INTEGER eval_index, INTEGER merge = 0)

Set merge flag of runtime eval. The merge flag defines the linkage type of eval.When merge is set to 0, the original instance of eval is linked to object, meaning that later recompile of eval will reflect on all objects sharing that eval. When merge is set to 1, a separate instance is generated for each object, which results in higher performance.


elink(REFERENCE[] obj, ATOM eval_name, INTEGER eval_index)

Links runtime eval eval_index to object(s) under specified name eval_name.

elink(REFERENCE[] obj, ATOM eval_name, ATOM script_name, ATOM eval_name_in_script)

Links compile time eval eval_name_in_script from module script_name to object(s) under specified name eval_name.


eclear(REFERENCE[] obj)

Clear all linked evals from object(s).

eclear(REFERENCE[] obj, ATOM eval_name)

Clear named linked eval from object(s).


evaluate(INTEGER eval_index [, param1 [, param2 [...]])
Evaluate a runtime eval.
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