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copy(REFERENCE[] object, REFERENCE[] from)

Copy properties from one (list of) object(s) to another.


release(REFERENCE[] object)

Remove all references to object(s) from the database.

release(REFERENCE[] object, REFERENCE[] from)

Remove all references to object(s) from object(s).


clear(REFERENCE[] object, [REFERENCE[] object, ...])

Clear all properties from object(s).


ARRAY contain(REFERENCE object, ARRAY array)

Clone all items in array to object property space, return array of cloned items.This extends the scope of cloned item to global scope (meaning, the items pointed to by array will not become invalid after current branch exit).When cloned array is cleared, item space is not automatically freed. Only clear function releases object property space.

ARRAY contain(ARRAY array)

Equivalent to contain($, array)


REFERENCES select(ATOM class_or_name)

Return a list of all database object instances with given class or template name.



Collect and free all garbage.



Reboot the database to original state.

reboot(INTEGER slot)

Reboot the database from given storage slot.


snapshot(INTEGER slot)

Create a database snapshot.


export(INTEGER slot, REFERENCE[] root [, ATOM mode = { nul , 'tree' }])

Export object(s) to storage slot. When ‘tree’ mode is set, all objects linked directly or indirectly are also exported.Static database objects are only exported when specified explicitely in the root list.


REFERENCE import(INTEGER slot [, ATOM mode = { 'rewrite' 'append' }])

Import objects from storage slot.Static database objects are always rewritten (but not automatically cleared beforehand).When ‘append’ mode is set, dynamic database objects are imported as newly generated objects.In both cases, all internal references between objects (as exported) are preserved.


free(OBJECT[] object, [OBJECT[] object, ...])

Free a database or engine object.All references to freed database objects are cleared in the database.

fastfree(OBJECT[] object, [OBJECT[] object, ...])

Free a database or engine object.May only use when freed objects are not referred to by other objects in the database.


ATOM pname(REFERENCE obj, INTEGER index) 

Return a single property name on object. Index is 1-based.

pname(REFERENCE obj, INTEGER index, ATOM name) 

Set a single property name on object.


pdeclare(REFERENCE obj, INTEGER index, ATOM typename) 

Set type of single property type on object.

pdeclareset(REFERENCE obj, INTEGER from, INTEGER count, ATOM typename)

Set type to a range of properties on object.

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