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Geeny is a little hard to define, yet slightly easier to use.

In its core, it is merely a collection of game and multimedia related toolkit libraries. Special attention was paid to make these libraries small, functional, and portable by clustering system dependent code. Also, in order to separate application modules from library implementation, strict encapsulation rules were followed, eliminating all non-interface structures and definitions from library interface.

The libraries are:

  • xcore.lib:
    • memory management
    • file management
    • user acquisition
    • strings
    • dynamic arrays
  • xyz.lib:
    • fixed point
    • floating point wrapper, useful to switch between fixed and floating point environments
    • vector math
    • compressed i/o streams
  • xoil.lib
    • database
    • configuration files
    • token compiler
  • xlamp.lib
    • display
    • 2D renderer
    • 3D scanline renderer
  • xeeny.lib
    • framework
    • input
    • sound
    • sprites
    • 2d kinetics
    • 2d particle effects
    • general purpose animation
  • creepy.lib
    • scripting language

Currently, application framework, input and display are accessed via the SDL library. Sound is accessed via the argh library. However, the design of xeeny layer is modular, allowing per application configuration of subsystems, and per application implementation of framework, input, sound and display access.

On the next level, geeny is a scripting language that binds all the low level libraries together into a freeform development environment. Many configurations are possible, however in beta stage, only the configuration based on the portable software renderer is available. This configuration is useful for educational purposes, but may have its uses in game development for low performance platforms, such as mobile devices, and retro games.

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