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Network Multimedia Platform

Working for Alfastreet, I created a fully working prototype software for driving multinode gambling machines. Having had thus expanded my experience with industrial software, I have decided to invest a certain ammount of energy into a cross-platform (Windows and Linux), generic, industrial multimedia library for creating multinode gaming machines.

Based on geeny engine with added coroutine support for scripting, and high level interprocess / interdevice communication for both closed and open-type node architectures, it will include goodies like: orthogonal, object oriented access to all system resources, regardless of resource location in the network; transparent network and interprocess communication protocol; utilities for compiling multilayered PSD gui definitions directly into sprites, textures and GUI script.

The main difference to straight C++ approach is that scripting may be, and generally is, used for both high level (individual game logic and mechanics, game server operation, accounting) and mid to low level tasks (security control, device handling, surveillance protocols). This is due to the fact that industrial software relies heavily on state machine methodology, and the fact that state machines are trivial to realize in geeny scripting language.

This project is currently in its starting stage. The necessary code snippets have been assembled and project tasks have been defined.

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