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Game of Born

The Game of Born is a concept that I have been toying with for a while. It is like a cross over between a massive multiplayer game, a statistical analyzer, and a natural language generator. The idea stems from the frequently repeated (and essentially true) phrase that ‘every second on this world, a new person is born’.

The game is essentially a web server application that a player can connect to by simply typing in the server’s url. The user interface consists of a single button bearing the label “I am born”.

When the user pushes the button, a brief projected description of a person’s life is generated and presented to them. This description is based as much as possible on the real statistical data collected from relevant public sources on the Internet. Using this data, odds can be calculated for the person’s place of birth, social status at birth, and their calculated prospects in life (ie, a large percentage of descriptions would be very brief, as the simulated individual has high odds of being born as a third world baby and dying almost instantly after that of poverty, starvation or disease). Later, more advanced versions of the software might be sophisticated enough to use all sorts of statistical data, making descriptions richer and more interesting (although in many cases still brief and simply more detailed in description of premature death).

This project is in ‘idea’ stage, as I currently don’t have enough time for it, also I am not experienced with web applications enough to start something like this on my own. But I like the idea.

In the meantime, something like that has already become a reality. The game is called Real Lives and was developed by Educational Simulations.

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