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Celica (1995)


At about the same time as "Elvis De Luxe" another theatrical play was in preparation. “Celica” (The Cell) was directed by Emil Hrvatin, and staged originally at Slovensko Mladinsko Gledalisce (Slovenian Youth Theatre).

The play was an interesting experiment. Some of the acts required the audience to walk through a very discreetly illuminated (read: almost dark) scene, peering into different cells through various optical devices. Some cells contained only static or animated props, in others, ritualistic-like acts were repeatedly performed by the actors.

The central act was more like conventional theatre, only that there was no stage in the usual meaning of the word. Instead of that, only a big glass screen, set on top of a knee-high wall, was used to separate the performers from the audience. The screen was used as a prop by the actors, and also to communicate with the audience, messages being scribbled on it using lip-stick or similar. The actors did some neat tricks, like faking being moved around on conveyor belt, and the play itself was very physical on moments.

There was a number of television screens in different cells, and a larger projection screen above the scene. The director’s vision included computer generated animations to be played on these screens. So I was invited into the project to create them, and I have to say I had a great time. I’ve met and worked with Slovenian star actors (check the list below) who accepted my geekish self into the crew sans problems. It was fun.

celica_002_0002.jpg celica_003_0001.jpg

All animations were done using 3D Studio 3.x. I picked out some of the favorite clips and stuck them together, here they are:

Movie: Celica.wmv

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